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Strong commitment to innovation

Rotron is a renowned pioneer in rotary engine technology. We are a leader in rotary engine design, manufacture and delivering propulsion systems, services and solutions across recreational, commercial and government applications.

At our heart, a dedicated diverse workforce comprising of young innovative thinkers and the most experienced talents in the industry. Each one energised by a common determination to push their boundless imaginations to design, develop and manufacture cutting-edge rotary engine technologies and establish the next step in extreme propulsion systems to meet our customer’s vital power needs.

Rotron Rotary Engine Design Engineers
Mission Everest

Tested beyond extremes to defy convention

In 2007, Gilo Cardozo and TV adventurer Bear Grylls turned convention on its head in the pursuit of the ultimate test; to fly above Everest, a feat many deemed impossible. The dream grew to become a worthy adversary of all Gilo had learnt as an engineer. The answer, to design a revolutionary rotary engine that was more compact, lighter, and almost twice the power for its capacity.

On 14 May, the intrepid pair foot-launched from the Himalayan foothills carrying a total weight of around 120kg, and flew north towards Everest before ascending towards target altitude. Around 9.30 am, Bear reached the height of 29,500ft and looked down on the summit of Everest.

Building on this success and achievement, Gilo continued to develop the ground-breaking rotary engine and looked for a commercial platform for the technology.

Rotron Power was born.

Bear Grylls Mission Everest - Powered by Rotron Rotary Engines
The Key To Multi-Mission Capability

The Right Engine Partner

Rotron has revolutionised rotary engine technology, and have been at the forefront of propulsion design since the creation of its first Rotron engine. Today we continue our proud tradition of defying convention; still leading the way in the field of rotary technology, still an innovator and still committed to developing new solutions that offer real, measurable results across diverse platforms and applications.

We Innovate

It is our passion, expertise and creativity that has ensured the development of our innovative technologies and processes; exploiting our highly versatile and widely capable manufacturing and production facilities to offer engine solutions with groundbreaking levels of performance combined with high levels of efficiency and reliability. By investing significantly in ongoing R&D and infrastructure we are able to continually develop new technologies which improve efficiency and contribute to the enhanced performance of critical applications for our customers.

We Adapt

To meet the high demands of our customers we have to be able to react quickly and effectively. This demands a design and manufacturing system which can respond rapidly to change, with the ability to run quickly through multiple design iterations to achieve optimum functionality and performance. Our first-class production facility deploys the best manufacturing techniques and is ideally suited to short prototype runs, medium sized batches and full-scale production.

We Listen & Partner

Before we embark on any project, we must know why we are doing it and then be able to measure its impact and evaluate its success. Our approach is to “listen and partner”, rather than “analyse and tell” which allows us to build a deeper trust-based relationship, foster better engagement and create the optimum environment for productive collaboration. We work with you to help unleash the energy and creativity across all levels of the project and to develop solutions stakeholders are excited by and can commit to.

We Deliver

To date, Rotron has completed and delivered one-off bespoke demonstration propulsion systems and engines for Universities, Aviation Corporations and Governments worldwide, as well as small and large batch engine designs. Whether the application has required one of our existing engine range, a uniquely modified ‘off-the-shelf’ engine or a completely new bespoke engine, our customers have found that the results exceed the perceived return on investment.