Rotron rotary engines reflect a completely new approach to propulsion by redefining the relationship between size, performance, efficiency and reliability.


Unmanned Aviation

The needs of UAV manufacturers and operators are as unique and diverse as the aircraft and missions they fly. Rotron’s rotary engine technology meets these challenging requirements by delivering the right power, reliability and efficiency that is critical to providing significantly better capability without sacrificing performance and maintainability. The small form-factor offers greater flexibility in airframe design and payload configuration, while reduced component complexity, minimal radial and torsional vibration, and heavy fuel option offer a reduced logistical footprint and easier maintenance out in the field, ensuring multi-mission readiness and capability.

Manned Aviation

Over the past 10 years, changes in aviation have created a new wave of aeronautical design activity, making it easier for manufacturers to consider entering the light sports aircraft (LSA) market or develop innovative Experimental aircraft. With an impressive class-leading power-to-weight ratio, low fuel consumption, high durability and excellent operating economics, it’s no surprise that Rotron rotary engines are the first choice for new and existing aircraft. Rotron’s compact size and weight advantage have the substantial benefit of maximising airframe interior offering greater design and configuration flexibility, as well as contributing to the overall weight-savings to comply with regulations. Our engines are designed to be the most reliable, cost-effective, and responsible choice for both today and the future of aviation.
Rotron Rotary Engine Applications - Manned Aviation

Generators & Range Extenders

The dramatic increase in the number of hybrid and all-electric vehicles has led to the search for the ideal range extender; a power unit which can charge the vehicle’s batteries on the move, increasing the driving range and eliminating the range anxiety which continues to trouble a high percentage of battery EV users. The class-leading high power-to-weight ratio combined with the compact size and weight advantage of Rotron’s rotary engine technology makes it the perfect on-board power source for the next-generation of high-efficiency hybrids.
Rotron Rotary Engine Applications - Automotive Range Extenders


An optimum balance of speed, power and reliability is the core requirement of any competitive engine. Currently the RT690-XE is powering the Crighton CR700W - a next generation of rotary track bike. 

Rotron Rotary Engine Applications - High Performance
2-Stroke Engine

Recreational Marine

Rotron's XT100 2-stroke engine is the lightest and most powerful engine in its class and specially constructed to power the latest generation of motorised surfboards.

Rotron Rotary Engine Applications - Recreational Marine